Wedding Invitation Using Mobile Apps

Unique digital / online wedding invitations using mobile apps can be published in playstore / appstore.
Besides wedding invitations, what can be shared with relatives / friends?

  • Photos / videos of the bride and groom from childhood to adulthood
  • Photos / videos of the bride’s & groom’s family
  • Pre-wedding and wedding ceremony photos / videos
  • Guest booth photos can be added after the event, so no need to print
  • Event location can be directed by google map, WAZE, taxi online
  • Push notifications to remind the guests when the event is taking place
  • Where to visit / culinary in the city where you married
  • Vendor information
  • And any other information you want to share
  • This digital mobile app invitation is very easy to share to friends or relatives, especially those outside the city / abroad.

This mobile apps is created using a friendly user basic platform without the need to understand the programming language. Basic platform price: IDR 4,050,000

Sponsor Username*: merryindra

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