Professional Package Compro Mall

Professional package COMPRO Mall is a e-Commerce platform mobile app builder with complete features such as multi-vendor (other vendors can supply their products to your shop), history transaction tracking, payment gateway integration, and many other features.

  • A complete platform suitable to grow your business
  • Price IDR 40,500,000
  • Unlimited update (change business, logo, splash screen, background screen, menu, content)
  •  1 COMPRO Mall will get: Android support, Vendor Management System, Online Transactions, e-Commerce Features, Reporting, Payment Gateway Integration, Live-Chat Integration, Online Content Management System (Admin), Email Blast, Instant Update Content, Free 2GB storage*, Free 1 year maintenance**

COMPRO Mall can only be purchased through COMPRO professional package (upgrade is not valid at the moment)

For publishing, you have to use your own app store and google playstore developer account

Publish in Google Play store: 1 time payment USD 25

Published in App store: USD 99/year

If you change your business, don’t worry! You can change all the asset such as logo, splash screen, mobile app name, content (unlimited updates)

Password change can be done at Compro Mall CMS dashboard

Store username and domain name can not be changed

Storage 2GB* and kuota 1000 email/month**

*Additional usage of storage will be charged IDR 1,000,000/GB and apply permanently

** Additional usage of email will be charged IDR 15,000/1000 email/month

Maintenance fee is free in the first year, paid IDR 4,500,000 in the 2nd year after the mobile app has been published. This maintenance fee is allocated for bug fixing, maintenance of OS version based on the latest version and data back up / restore for each mobile app user.

Understanding the e-commerce business competition, COMPRO has developed the display and many new features on COMPRO Mall to support the merchant in order to have a better e-commerce from the competitor.

Following is the advantages of the new features on Compro Mall:

  1. Better display and user-friendly to get vendor and customer loyalty.
  2. Delivery charge is made separately based on each vendor address.
  3. Membership Group/Tier List can be handled to give special privilege.
  4. To keep customer trust, discussion forum for product and complaint is available.
  5. Balance checking and withdrawal by vendor is more practical.
  6. Open cooperation opportunity between drop shipper and merchant.
  7. Can add and handle promo code to attract customers attention.
  8. There is information access about vendor and product.
  9. Automatically generate digital invoice digital for every customers transaction.