Compro Loyalty

COMPRO Loyalty is a system that is built to facilitate industry players in building loyalty applications instantly where the system aims to improve the company’s customer retention.

compro loyalty


Take advantage immediately by integrating Advanced App and Compro Loyalty for faster business progress!

With the integration of both products, business management and customer loyalty are easier.

Customers can fill in the balance in Compro Loyalty and use the balance to make payment transactions in your Advanced App, and get prizes in the form of points / rewards to increase member ratings to get attractive privileges after making a transaction.

To be able to do the integration process, make sure both applications, Advanced App Compro and Compro Loyalty, have been published in the Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

Price of Compro Loyalty is IDR 13,500,000 / RM 4,425 / SGD 1,350

Product Benefit

  1. You can have your own membership platform
  2. Increase customer loyalty
  3. Increase sales & profit by retaining customer
  4. Membership program will be easy to use
  5. Easier access to be active in membership program

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