Mobile App Features

COMPRO mobile app builder has many features to help market your products / services.

  1. Support iOS* & Android

Compro mobile app can be published in Android and IOS system, and will be ready to market through Google Play and App Store.

*You have to prepare your own IOS Account

2. Push Notification

Push notification is used to reach your mobile app user directly and free. This feature can also be used as free promotion media for users who have installed your mobile app.

3. Maps

“Get Direction” feature will direct the user through Google Maps, Online taxi, and Waze application to be redirected to the destination without typing the address.

4. Tap-to-call

Mobile app user can call you on one tap.

5. Tap-to-email

Mobile app user can contact you by email on one tap.

6. Video (via YouTube)

You can share videos through this mobile app so user can watch the videos without open web browser or YouTube. And no ads appear like when we watch videos on YouTube.

7. User Registration and Login

8. Mobile app user can register and login to access certain menus.

9. Online Content Management System (Admin)

You can update apps wherever and whenever connected to the internet.

Instant Update Content

Any content you upload can be directly updated on the app without having to re-install from Google Play or the App Store.

10. Free 2GB Storage

Application storage capacity can accommodate up to 20,000 * images.

* This figure is only an estimate if the size of each image is about 100kB.

** For additional storage it will cost you IDR1,000,000.00 / GB for one time payment.

11. Free 1 Year Maintenance*

For the best service, we provide maintenance facilities for mobile app that has been published, in order to always be compatible with the latest version of iOS and Android.

* Starting in the second year after the app is published, we will charge a fee of IDR 1,500,000.00/ year / app (basic & advanced) and IDR 4,500,000.00/ year / app (professional).

12. Free 1000 Email/Month*

We provide automatic email delivery (up to 1000 emails / month) for user activities such as new transactions, new user signups, and so on.

* Additional email will be charged IDR 15,000.00 / 1000 additional email / month.

13. Audio Player

Your users can play music, podcasts, or other audio files you share through the app, without having to open other apps.

14. Simple Online Shop System

Compro also supports the creation of online shop applications, where you can sell your products and market them through your apps online.

15. Simple Booking System

This feature allows application users to make reservations at your hospital or restaurant.

17. Simple Job Directory System

Application users can easily submit job applications in accordance with the position offered.

18. Event Listing & Registration

Compro has a feature to hold information about all your events and users can confirm whether to join the event.

19. RSS Feed

With this feature, your app users can get the latest news you want to convey.

20. PDF Reader

Users can read e-books in PDF form through applications without having to open other PDF Reader applications.

21. File Download

Your app’s users can also download the files you share to be stored in their mobiles.

22. Integration with Payment Gateway (Midtrans)

Payments can be made securely through credit cards, transfers, or other methods through Midtrans.

23. Delivery Charge Estimation*

If your business provides delivery service, we provide a feature to check the shipping cost from the origin of goods to the shipping point with 13 expedition companies such as Lion parcel, JNE, J&T express, REX, TIKI, Wahana, etc.

* Compro is not affiliated with any expedition. We use other parties to estimate shipping costs on some expeditions, but Compro is not liable for any losses incurred if the shipping costs are occasionally inconsistent with actual shipping charges on those expeditions.

24. Personal Push Notification

You can push notifications to your app users privately.

25. Multi Language

Business Go International is no longer a dream. The Multi Language feature launched by COMPRO allows you to manage the language on the entire application menu to suit your needs **.

Languages supported by this feature are Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, and English.

** CONTENT is not included