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Advanced Mobile App Builder Price

Advanced mobile app builder is used for online shop with member login feature.

Price IDR 12,000,000 (±USD 923)

*Per 29 Juni 2018 price will be changed to Rp 13,500,000 (±USD 1,039)

Unlimited change of logo, splash screen, background screen and content.

Capacity per 1 mobile app: storage 2 GB & 1,000 email/month

Additional: IDR 1,000,000 / GB (±USD 77) & IDR 15,000 (±USD 1,15) /1,000 email/month

Maintenance fee IDR 1,500,000 (±USD 115.4) is free in the first year, paid in the 2nd year after the mobile app has been published. This maintenance fee is alocated for bug fixing, maintenance of OS version based on the latest version and data back up / restore  for each mobile app user.

Customers can directly purchase the products / services through midtrans gateway payment facility.

Midtrans payment is an online payment system connected to various payment methods in Indonesia

There are 18 methods of payment of midtrans payments and can be easily integrated for all payment methods. Comes with fraud detection system to analyze and prevent fraud in your e-commerce.

Midtrans payments provide a look that matches the various devices and browsers so customers can shop comfortably.